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Breastfeeding Help is currently having a break till January 2020. You can still order Breastpumps and equipment in this time. Please call us on 0423109559.

Welcome to "Breastfeeding Help" a service providing compassionate support with all Breastfeeding matters. We offer one on one consultation in ACT and surrounds, as well via telephone, Skype and email." Breastfeeding Help" is a company committed to serve new Mum's and Babies as well as their families by providing practical Lactation support, education, establishing of strategies to reach your goals with Breastfeeding. We also stock some high quality breast pumps ( hospital grade ) for you to hire or buy.

Anne Endres is a registered Midwife and IBCLC certified Lactation Consultant, who has been a Midwife for over 20 years. Anne is originally from Germany and has lived and worked as a Midwife in Germany, New Zealand , Queensland, Northern Territory and ACT. She has provided postnatal support and Breastfeeding consultations since she first started in Midwifery and is excited about finding solutions with you that are catering for your specific needs and goals.Anne is passionate about strategies which are individual and holistic. She speaks German and English.

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disclaimer : the photos above were taken at actual events of care and I am grateful for the permission to use them

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